Five Stars House Design

Five Stars House Design-To live in a house like this is what many people want. It has the same quality with five stars hotel rooms. The facade of this building is amazing. It has three floors. From the balcony you can see the most beautiful view of the blue sea water. Not only the sea, but also there is a green garden filled with colorful flowers near the building. On the right side of the building, you can enjoy the Mount View. The sunset and sunrise looking is very beautiful and perfect from this building.

The building front yard is fenced with black iron. Beside the fence, there is the blue sea. The gate poles are painted in white and the doors from the black iron. It has a perfect combination of course. The third floor has wide balcony. And it is also fenced with black iron.

The living room is so full with wall and table arts work for the decorations. The white sofa combined with the colorful cushions has nice appearance.  This has a European style since there are so many small statues put on the desk; the walls also tall and painted in white and blue. Moreover, the unique chandelier lamps looks perfect put in this room.

The dining room fitted with high gloss finished wood. The table is square and made from wood too. The beautiful chandelier is located upside the table. There are also some fresh flowers on the dining table. The floor made from dark ceramics. Combined with the white wall, it has nice combination.

The bedroom is so modern. The bed has white curtain on all its poles. All of the furniture like bed, quilt, curtain and sofa are has soft white color. The lighting comes from the wall light and pendant lamps. The floor looks unique since it is covered with the polkadot pattern fur rug.

Modern Green Residence

Modern Green Residence-This green residence is big enough and it has two floors. The design is inspired from a stage house. However, this house is done in modern style. The ground that is the first floor is the poles to support the second floor. Don’t be worry; this house is endurable and safe from the earthquake. The second floor side is fenced with tempered glass.

This house is located on small hills. So, there is a staircase used to go up to reach this house. The view is really amazing. There are so many green trees that can support the fresh air for you every day. The front yard also covered with green grass. At this entire house looks fresh and natural. To go to the second floor, there is also an outdoor staircase. It is near the outdoor pool. The pool is beside the house. It is quite long.

The living room is cozy place and has modern look. It is equipped with white sofa and white cushions. The floor made from laminate flooring and finished in high gloss finished. The wall is painted in white. And there is a painting hanging on the wall.

The kitchen island is design like in the bar. It is also fitted with yellow bar stools. The furniture and cutlery set have high quality. The yellow flowers on the kitchen island bring natural sensation to this room.

The corridor is well decorated. There is a permanent shelf on the wall beside the corridor to put decorations on. A painting is hanging on the wall upside the permanent shelf.

The bed room is wide. The bed is also put on the wood stage. This room completed with TV and speaker to enjoy the movie or your favorite programs. The wall that faced the garden made from tempered glass, so it is easy for you to enjoy the fresh garden clearly. The floor finished in laminate flooring.

The bath room is so modern and has white bath tub. This room is well arranged. At all this house is the perfect choice for you.


Modern wood house

Modern wood house-This modern house is unique and different with the other modern house. What makes this different is that the wall. The wall made from high gloss finished wood layers. Whether this modern house is not too big; this is quite simple design. However, it has wide front yard and back yard. The yard covered with the grass and some trees. This is suitable place for children to play and enjoy the fresh nature.

The facade of this modern house is also simple and nice. All entire the wall is made from wooden layers. And the wall is done in high gloss finished. The modern things can be seen from the white door and the white window. The contrast color of the door and window with the wall give interesting color combinations. The windows made from glass with white painting on the border. The glass window also covered with long white curtain. The lighting comes from the wall lights. This lighting adds unique view of the facade.

The floor and the slopping ceiling in the facade are also made from the same materials with the wall. They are made from high gloss finished wooden layers too. Not all the balcony part has roof, there is a part that is untreated so that the sunlight shine directly to the house.

The living room not only has modern looks since there are also some poles made from wood. This room fitted with soft color sofa combined with assorted color cushions. The main round table is made from glass.  Besides that, there is a small glass table on the left side of the sofa. Under the sofa is covered with red fur rug. The floor is made from wide ceramics. However, you still can enjoy the outdoor garden from this living room, since the wall made from tempered glass.

The bed room and the kitchen are done in assorted color. The bed room has a beautiful red chandelier and red pillows. While the kitchen island is red and the wall painted in white. Here, the furniture has high quality and well arranged. The bead-board made from natural bricks without painting.